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BaroBao – mini experience

How would you describe the perfect restaurant experience?

Is it all about the taste? Service? The surrounding environment?

This little restaurant is located in the south Stockholm, in the more “hip” area called “Södermalm”. I was surprised at the info about “no reservations”, but after googling the opening hours, (17-22 tho I also found out that you actually can reserv tables now) it felt pretty assuring when we almost arrived just before 20.00. Entering the restaurant, I get a bit confused (again) if it’s really open due to the amount of customers (3 persons). After speaking with the girl behind the counter, she tells me that they have just prepared the closing, unfortunately. We both get so pleadingly sad, explaining the long trip from Paris to Stockholm just for this experience of tasting this littles bao’s. The girl then changes her mind and let’s us order (hurray!!!).

After some thinking, we decide to go for the “porkbelly bao”, “pumpkin bao”, “egg 64,8*” and the “Noodles spicy squid soup”. After beeing a while in sweden, Zez lips had gotten a taste of the cold. I would perhaps not recomend eating the Spicy noodle soup, with sore lips. If you’re not into bdsm.

The decor inside remindes me of an outdoor little glasshouse on the countryside with lots of green plants in the ceiling. Also plenty of toiletpaper to choose after your own taste in the restroom. The tunes that was softly playing from the speakers were suprisingly french.

The amount of taste in every little dish is indescribable. It’s like every little ingredient is carefully tender for, cocked to perfection. My mouth is having a pre-party, party and an extravagant after party. The service is very cute and calm, not too much, not any sour faces. With other words, it’s an experience that I wish was more common among the jungle of restaurants that exist on planet earth.


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